Friday, February 24, 2012

shop. til. you. drop.

Stitches was a blast (and I ended wearing my little brown cardigan with a brown and black printed tank top underneath, a short black skirt and boots...well "a boot" case the suspense was killing you).

I rode down with my new-ish friend Sandy who has been coming to the knitting night at the sports bar, and also pretty regularly at the senior center. While shopping I saw lots of people I hadn't seen in awhile, always special. And at the end of the day we hooked up with the ladies of the Friday morning knitting group in the hotel lobby for cocktails. Too much fun for one day (almost), but let me tell you...I am exhausted!

I can't show you really good pics of the haul because the lighting is too bad, but I can tell you I purchased less yarn and more......other things. Like a blocking mat, and socks with sheep on them, a book and a pattern booklet, and some pretty great stitch markers.

(see? like I said. Bad lighting! If you can't see it well, the markers say "WTF". hahaha)

I'll share one more photo though, take in the food area of the marketplace. It's a photo of my favorite sweater of the day.

I saw LOTS of sweaters and beauuuuutiful shawls and skirts and whatnot, but this little traditional cardigan just charmed me to death. Just the sweetest thing ever, only to be made sweeter by the lady wearing it (and of course I had to go up and say hi, because...well, because I have to LOL).

Anyhow. GREAT day. But whenever is it a bad day with that much yarn and inspiration and laughter around?!!


Kerry said...

OMG I love the stitch markers!!! And the sweater! One of my favorite things about Rhinebeck was admiring everyone's hand knits. So glad you made it and that you had a good time!

Entre Nous said...

OK , yup, gotta have those place markers... :}