Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, I am not sure if I am sick, or if perhaps I am just suffering from allergies. I've never considered myself to be allergic to trees or plants, but you never know, do you. I mean, I didn't consider myself allergic to foods either, and here I am allergic to green beans and almonds, right??

It's been in the upper 70's here the last couple of days, with quite a breeze to boot. The garden is soooo confused! It really could be that everything is just blooming at the same time and some combination of plant pollen is driving me nuts.

the daffodils arrived in late January this year

Also in the air today is the heavy smell of smoke. A controlled burn up-valley turned into a wildfire, and though I'm pretty far from it, the wind has blown the smoke this way and it's now quite noticeable.

I have as stuffed nose...but not that bad. And a wee bit of a cough...but not that bad. And I feel tired and run down...but not so much. I basically feel like I have been "on the verge" of something for 3 days, but without really ever getting sick. Do allergies feel like that??

Sick or not, allergies or not, I am going to Stitches, dammit! I have missed the past 2 years, and I am hear that?!?!
(*shakes fist at the sky*)

So now the next question is: what do I wear?

I can't figure out what to wear, and I'm thinking, man! What a dork I am! See, I'm trying to figure out what handknit item of mine I should wear to the knitting convention. Do I wear a sweater? Knee-high sock? A hat? No, a lacy shawl. Which lacy shawl. Ok, how about a non-lacy shawl.

It's sort of ridiculous. And it so ridiculous that I can't figure it out that it sort of makes me want to wear no handknit item. But not wearing something is sort of like going to the RenFair and not dressing up. You look like a tourist. Or a muggle.

Well, I'll figure it out in the morning. LOLOL