Thursday, March 08, 2012

killin' time with the warm and fuzzy

Tomorrow I strive for a life a bit closer to normal. I am keeping a therapy appointment that I have in the early afternoon. And if I really wake up feeling okay, I might even try hitting up the Friday knitting group along the way. Not too sure about that part, though. That might be pushing it.

I am feeling better. Still a little run down, and I get tired easily, but nowhere near the level of sick I was at earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, let's look at something pleasing, shall we?
Here's the yarn portion of my haul from Stitches 2012:

Left to Right:

3 skeins of Kauni 8/ white, one black, and one Effektgarn that you can't see well in the photo, but it goes through dark blues and purples into brighter shades. The plan is to use the solids as a base for some two-color projects, probably something like Clockwork or Spectra.

2 skeins of A Verb For Keeping Warm's Floating (alpaca, cashmere, silk) in the colorway Genmaicha. It's way greener than what I seem to be able to capture with the camera. I have no idea what I'm making with this, but I used this base to make Grand Lake, and the yarn was so delicious, it was like knitting with a cloud. I cannot wait to work with it again. I'm thinking maybe one of the shawls from the Seven Songs. I don't own any of the patterns yet, but I admire several of them.

3 skeins of Miss Babs Sojourn IV (cashmere, silk), two skeins in the colorway Blackwatch, one in Beachglass. Intended to become a small, two-color Gyllis.

Lastly, a cone of 100% belisa cashmere in a camel color, which wants to grow up to become Olga's Indiski/Indian Shawl. I'm really intrigued by the construction of this shawl. I hope I can pull it off. I find it a little daunting.

Should keep me busy for awhile, eh?
Everything else I picked up this year was gadgets, tools, knick-knacks, or gifts...oh, and I picked up a couple of books.