Friday, March 30, 2012

state of the household address

me: totally fatigued, almost as if I am coming down with another cold (nooooooo!!!!!). I hope not.

MyFavoriteKid: also fatigued, but because he had a drumline rehearsal from 9am until 8:30pm, followed by a group dinner at Denny's that I just picked him up from at 11:15pm. Their big/final contest of the year is tomorrow several hours away, so tomorrow is a 13 hour day for him (and's the end of the season! woot!)

TheMostImportantGuy: passed out around 10-ish listening to the San Francisco Symphony 100th Anniversary show that I was watching on PBS while waiting for MyFK to call for a ride.

TheHouse: a total wreck. Dishes everywhere, dog hair floating around on the wood floors....and no time to clean it tomorrow, because tomorrow, while MyFK is gone, TheMIG and I have to go pick out tile, flooring, and glass panels for the cabinetry.

nighty night.