Thursday, March 29, 2012

runnin' runnin' runnin'!!

Some spring break this has been, I tell ya'! Every day has been a little nuts, but today:

Early morning dentist appointment for MyFavoriteKid, followed by a trip to the library to return an overdue book he had borrowed for school. Then we stopped at the bike shop with his bike for a repair to his breaks. On the way back, we checked in at the other house and the construction crew to see what's going on in the kitchen, then we grabbed a quick lunch out. I dropped MyFK off at the other house so I could go teach at the senior center. Afterwards, I stopped in to see my parents for a few minutes, then I picked the kid back up, and took him shopping, because guess what...he has grown several inches in the last few weeks and all his pants are now floods (he's just over 5'10" now). Back to the house again, where I made a potluck dish, so I could go to the dancer's potluck where we watched the video viewing of the performance from a couple of weeks ago, but on the way to the potluck, I had to make a pitstop to pick up my brand new shawl that I just knit and already accidentally left behind somewhere....and I just got home at 11pm.

Oh my gosh, it never stops.

And!!.....I had done all of this after waking up at 5:30am with a splitting headache that I had until around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Never. A. Dull. Moment.

Okay. Something different rather than reliving my very long day. How about responding to a comment?! Kerry asked about the KAL I am doing, and if one could still join. Here's the deal:

It's a club offered by Janel Laidman called The Knitterati Sock Club. Some mystery KAL's I do are free, but this particular KAL is one that you have to pay for. Every two months you get two patterns; one is a sock pattern, the other is a mystery. You can choose to order this up as a club where you get kits every shipment (yarn + pattern), or you could choose a pattern only option. I chose pattern, only because I figured this was a good way to use up some single skeins of yarn that have been marinating in my stash.

One of the reasons I chose to do this particular KAL is because I really like this designer's sock patterns (I have a couple of her books), so I figured that even if I didn't dig the mystery knitting portion of the club, I knew I'd be happy with the sock patterns at the very least.

I am happy to report though, that I am having a blast with the mystery knitting. The first project I did with this club was January's, and I blogged about it here. The Ravelry group for this KAL is a friendly bunch too, and part of the mystery knitting involves not only knitting a mystery project, but reading through quirky stories with hidden clues that come along with the pattern installments. It's really been fun.

From the looks of things (through post-migraine eyes), ordering the yarn club portion might still be an option, but for sure, you can still join the pattern only option through the end of the year. Here's the linky ;-)

Alrighty. Off to bed. Another big morning. MyFK has to be at an 11 hour drumline rehearsal (?!) by 9am. And tomorrow all the sinks and faucets get delivered at the other house, plus I have a meeting with the contractor.

Wah! I just wanna knit :-(


Kerry said...

Thank you so much for the info! I'm in and I can't wait to start knitting something mysterious and tongue-like. :-)

Hope things settle down for you soon so you have more knitting time!

The Bon said...

I cannot fathom him being that tall. He was not nearly so tall last time I saw him. I know he's growing up, but geezopete, crazy!