Thursday, May 31, 2012

another tidbitty sort of day

Many things today felt broken or twisted.

~ Construction on the new kitchen has been at a dead halt for a week, and next contractor in line that we've been waiting on (to install the counter tops) just notified us today that they are pushing us out further.   More on this soon...I have stories. Well, okay. Rants. LOL

~ TheMostImportantGuy sent me a copy of his will.  Important. But creepy!!

~ I ordered some vintage glass plates from an etsy shop over the weekend and they arrived today. Poorly packaged. And in pieces.

More on these plates soon, too....I have stories about them as well!

~ I caught the chihuahua eating a bar of soap. A bar of soap!! It was lemongrass scented. Maybe that's what did it. She dug it out of the shopping bag while I was unloading, but by the time I found it, she may have been at it for hours.  What a dork.

~ I spent the entirety of my teaching time at the senior center knitting group fixing someone's lace mistakes. Oh okay. Not the entire time. I spent two minutes ripping out my current knitting project and putting it back into balls of yarn.

I love this pattern. It's a simple garter stitch shawl made up of short row wedges....and I love the brown yarn paired together with the gold yarn....but with the yarn and pattern together in the same project, it's going to come out looking like tiger stripes.  And no-can-do.

And hey look! I had to wear readers to fix the lace (I am getting old!!).  I do have to say, I kicked some serious butt on those lace repairs. I even amazed myself, fixing something I was certain I could not.

I might not have control over contractors, but at least I have control over yarn ;-)


KnittingKittens said...

I have been following your blog for a while and truly enjoy reading about your adventures. Today I had to comment because you FIXED LACE! I am not worthy! How ever did you do it? Lace kicks my butt! I have to rip and rip.