Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tidbits from today

I arrived at the high school today a little early because the kids asked me if I could come help set up for their party. When I got there I found out that their knitting club end of year party had been scheduled at the same exact time as the party celebrating the release of the yearbook. I honestly thought no knitters would bother showing up, and I almost packed myself up and left. Good thing I didn't because 35 kids from the knitting group showed up, and they brought food and music. And a very sweet card ;-)

It's nice to be viewed as amazing, but it's even nicer to see high school kids knowing how to use contractions.  LOL   

The rest of my day was spent climbing the highest peak in California: Mt. Laundry. When I announced my expedition on forum board that I frequent on Ravelry, someone chimed back saying that she was, "ascending Mt. Foldmore." Totally cracked me up.

The other fun thing today was watching the dogs go completely berzerko over squirrels. 

It looks like we have a mommy squirrel teaching her three teenagers how to navigate the neighborhood. I spotted them several times today while coming and going between here and errands, and they were tear-assing all over the place.  When they finally showed up in the tree right outside my own window, I thought the dogs were going to pass out from the excitement.  They were running from room to room to get a better view, and running outside to sniff at the fence. A couple times they were running so hard they crashed right into me and my wheelchair.  Kookie dogs!

I haven't been knitting very much the past few days.  Just a row here, a row there.  I think what's happening is that I don't have anything on the needles that is compelling me to focus on it.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it's because I am really wanting to spin.  Unfortunately, the wheel is here but all the fiber is over at the other house!  (don't ask me how I managed that, because I cannot begin to explain it)   I will try to remedy that tomorrow or Friday ;-)


Bob & Phyllis said...

My bassets have all LOATHED the squirrels (I'm not real fond of them myself, the little buggers). I think it's partly because the squirrels talk trash to them.

Joke is on the squirrels, though. One of my bassets is lean and FAST, apparently (almost) faster than many of the squirrels. So, we had stub-tailed squirrels in our area and they stayed out of my birdfeeder. Prying furry squirrel-tail bits out of a basset mouth was a right b!tch and a half, though.

~Donna~ said...

Don't know what it is about squirrels, but my cat hated them too. She would sit in the window and stare them down.