Saturday, June 23, 2012

snaps on saturday

A parade of things I took pictures of today so that I would not cave in and buy them just for their cuteness factor.

Exhibit A: Perhaps the oddest salt and pepper shaker I have ever seen.

B:  A kitchen timer shaped like a Russian Nesting Doll.

It was tough not to give in and purchase this because the new kitchen really will need a timer in it somewhere (although I prefer digital), and because I am currently choreographing a dance piece that is inspired by matryoshka.  I didn't like the ring of the chime enough to cave in, though.  If I had, I may have been a goner.

C: possibly the best ice cube tray I have ever seen...

....The Gin & Titonic ice cube tray, which makes cubes shaped like little Titanics and ice bergs. Ha!

D: once again, the needs of the new kitchen really could have had me justifying this next one...

...but even though I am a practicing buddhist, I'm not much into the Happy Buddha.  I resonate more with the serious staring at the floor buddha LOL.

E:  Then there was the cake knife....

....shaped like a saw.  Which I think is a riot.

And lastly, Exhibit F (and the F should stand for "I Fell For It", or F for Failure....because it came home with me):

Yes, I know. Stupid.  A drawing of a chihuahua which has been placed in a shadow box, and the glass has been "tagged" with a bit of fake graffiti. TheMostImportantGuy thinks it's lame and I also have a hunch he thinks I am slightly insane.  As for me, I freakin' love it, and I laugh hysterically every single time I look at it.

That being said, I don't know why I bought it though, because honestly, I could have made it myself.


Jen Anderson said...

Yeah, I saw the chihuahua thing at Target yesterday. I'm glad my daughter didn't notice it, because it might've come home with us too.

At Disney World a few weeks ago, the ubiquitous Mickey Mouse heads had me brainwashed to the point that I almost bought Mickey salt & pepper shakers. But I resisted.