Sunday, June 24, 2012

when all else fails, talk about something warm and fuzzy

I do have things to say, but I'm exhausted.  The most I can eek out tonight is a picture of some very lovely yarn that arrived in the mail earlier in the week.

It's Brooklyn Tweed "Loft" in Fossil, Woodsmoke, and Soot, and it was part of the Barenaked Club by Knitspot.  It came with options for several patterns including shawls, a hat, or what I am going to make out of it:  a very large square (large enough to be a throw for the couch in my craftroom).

I'm in the process of finishing up this other scarf-like shawl-ish sort of thing that I have been chugging away on for what seems ages.  I have not enjoyed the knitting of it one bit.  I thought about casting on something new so that I'd have the rush of starting a new project and then something to alternated with so the scarf doesn't kill me, but I've actually been afraid that if I do that, I might just never come back to knitting the scarf-shawl thing at all!  The yarn is so gorgeous, and I know that it will be something I will enjoy wearing, so I am forcing myself to finish it. With any luck I will finish it this week with photos coming soon.