Sunday, July 01, 2012

as of tonight....

Lots of little details still be taken care of, but we have enough done that we were able to clean up the construction dust and retrieve some of the kitchen items from the basement.

taken by TheMostImportantGuy on his cell phone, at night...
I'll get some lovely shots in the daylight when all is said and done!

The handy guy still has a long list of detail work (like installing that baseboard on the floor on the left there LOL), and there's also plenty of work to be done in the laundry room.  The painters need to finish up the built-in in the  dining area, and then they are going to tackle patching and painting that plumbing mess in the bedroom. 

Both the handyman and the painter believe they'll have everything done by Thursday night (and isn't it ironic that we go out of town for a week the very next morning. Ha.)

We still need to add some pops of color, some artwork, and some little bits of charm here and there...and I still need to deal with getting pots and pans organized, but I am thrilled to report that the kitchen is partially functional....enough to be enjoyed,  I still haven't cooked anything (we were so busy this weekend cleaning and assembling and washing the dust off of everything...oh and hey! We also got the sunroom/dance studio back in order...woohoo!!) but we did reheat some leftovers from doggie bags, and we actually sat down at the bar together for our first little lunch :-)

I'm feeling much more relaxed.  And happy.  I think I will feel even better when there aren't contractors traipsing about, but this was close enough :-)


Monika said...

Oh wow, your new kitchen looks wonderful (not that I know what t he old one looked like)!

Unknown said...

This is really beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more photos of it in the future.