Monday, July 02, 2012


First of all, thanks to everyone for solving the mystery of the odd kitchen tool for me.  Not only was I happy to have the info, but I was shocked to find that some of you are still out there reading (because I honestly had no idea)!  Nice to "see" you :-)
(also a wave hello to Donnaj from New Zealand...thanks for de-lurking in the comments the other day!)

Monika of Smoking Hot Needles commented about the kitchen photo yesterday, and wondered what it looked like before we started to remodel.  There are some photos here in this post, and once all of the final touches have been put in place, and I can take some photos in the daylight, I will get them all side by side for comparison.

And now, I will tell you where my head is at right at this moment.

my head is mahjong!

I saw James at the convalescent hospital today, and when I went into his room, he was playing mahjong on his computer.  I'd never played, but I recall my grandmother playing with friends often...and I could swear it involved gambling and maybe cocktailsx (or maybe it was more of social thing for her, like bridge).  Well, either way, James and I played a game together solitaire style, and the next thing I know, I have downloaded two free versions of mahjong onto my iPad and I am finding it to be one of the most incredible mind-clearing games ever.  It's hard to think about anything else at the same time!

Which is exactly what I need a bit of today.  Mind clearing.

It's the last push this week with the contractors, and they're all being a little.....contractor-ish!  The painter is complaining to the handyman that I am adding on extra work (for example, the painter painted the built-in cabinets, but did not paint the baseboard for it, and my pointing that out is apparently creating extra work. ...??!!). 

And the handyman who was supposed to be out of the way and not on site for the next three days so that the painter could get in and out (mostly out, dammit), is now apparently going to be on site tomorrow and in the way after all.  Tonight we discovered that TheHandyman had left his table saw and other supplies in the same space where ThePainter wants to set up a spray room to paint the shutters, and tomorrow TheHandyman also wants to install the counter top in the laundry room, even though he is fully aware that tomorrow ThePainter is planning to paint guessed it...the laundry room

I should add that the only reason ThePainter needs to be in the laundry room at all, however, is because he forgot to paint part of the laundry room cabinet a couple of weeks ago.

It's maddening. 

I think what irks me most is that I waste my time meeting with these contractor-types every day they are working there and going over things, for nothing.  We discuss things, we come to agreements...and then they just go ahead and do whatever they want (or don't do what they don't want) half the time anyhow.  Why do I even bother wasting my time?! And what is it specifically about tradesmen that makes them like this?!   (and I do say men, because I haven't used any women contractors, which I sure is half the problem)

It is totally not my style to make such sweeping accusations against a category of people. I know that there are individuals making up the greater group as a whole.  But we've had a lot of contractors in and out of here for the last 18 months (I can count well over 15 different guys, plus their crew members), and I am telling you, they all (except one, and I could kiss that plumber) have exhibited one or another ass-y behaviors.   What is up with that?!!

My plan to shake the madness percolating in me goes like this:  they finish, we go on vacation, we come back, they are all done.  Okay, except hanging the pendant lights and the chandelier which we just ordered and should arrive right when we get back.  But once those babies go up, boom.  We should be done.

And thennnnnn I'll be runnin' around with a stick of smoking sage trying to smudge out the assy-ness!


jodi said...

I wonder if it's not the people so much as that industry standards of behaviour are too lax? Or maybe I'm just an idealist, thinking that any industry might have standards of behaviour ;) We have done almost no work on our house, yet there is at least one example of shoddy work left behind by everyone we've ever had in (except the plumbers!). Reading your saga makes me content to let our house fall down around us for a little longer.

BUT! Sage day is the best day. And it's coming soon!

Lorena said...

I've been thinking about James; I'm glad he's still with us. He doesn't know me at all but would you give him an extra hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek from me? If that's not too creepy?


~Donna~ said...

I actually play the MSN puzzle game during the day. That game also helps clear the mind.