Tuesday, July 03, 2012

my soul paint

So one of the things the painter is doing this week is adding some kick to an accent wall in the dining room.

Our whole house is done up in various shades of greys which is the perfect background to add cool pops of color here and there by way of textiles and accessories. I love that. Our goal in the dining room however, was to add some drama by doing one of the walls in a darker shade of grey.  After it was painted, I looked it, and I felt like it had about as much drama as a wet noodle.

So we decided to  repaint it purple.

The first coat went on today, and because it's a very dark plum color, it's going to take a few coats before we have full coverage and I can take a good photo.  I did walk in today after the first coat went up though just to make sure my hunch about purple was correct (because purple is sort of a risky thing, if you ask me! There are so many more "wrong purples" than right ones!).

I love what we chose!!  It's dramatic and freakin' awesome (it is Kelly Moore's "So Merlot").  It's tucked away back in this corner so you don't even see it until you are in the house for awhile, and then all of the sudden it's like "Baaam!!"  Drama!!  And I love that.  It's also on a wall that is mostly containing a window that has white trim and shutters, so it really is not that overwhelming to me.

But I had to laugh when I walked in the room because all I could think about when I saw the first coat of purple was the "Find Your Soul Paint" Commercial by Ace Hardware, where she wants a "purrrrrple" (but not a "puuuuurple", you understand LOL).

Anyhow, I am in love with what we chose.
Which is good.
Because I cannot imagine for the life of me how many coats of primer it would take to cover over my purrrrrple if I didn't love it!!!


M-H said...

We have a purple wall, going up the stairs. It's a kind of violet-y purple and I love it. The rest of the house is grey, grey grey, a warm smokey grey, and I love that too.