Monday, July 16, 2012

hoorah for technology!

I woke up this morning with another screaming headache, and the pain was so intense it was causing me to feel nauseous.  For the record, I do not believe these are the same as the migraines of my past...the ones related to food.   Nope, these headaches are as intense as migraines, and they are definitely making their way up into areas behind my eyes and whatnot, but these headaches really feel like they are tension headaches.  I believe they are some form of super-crazy neck tension, and I fully believe they are related to a bad (and unsolicited) neck adjustment that was performed on me last August from a massage therapist that I now no longer work with.

Anyhow, as soon I could get my eyes uncrossed this morning, I hopped online and emailed my doc at Kaiser.  The Kaiser system showed me immediately that she was out of the office through today, but what I was experiencing did not warrant a trip to the emergency room, so I just let it fly.

Lo and behold, I got a reply from her right away saying that she wanted to start with an x-ray and that she'd put in the order so I could go to radiology at my leisure.  I jumped in my car, I grabbed a barf bag for the ride just in case (and didn't need it...woohoo!), I somehow had no wait in the radiology department, and when I was done, I emailed my doc again from the lobby to let her know hat I had the x-rays done....

This entire process, from start to finish, from the first email to the last, was completed in just under 90 minutes.  Crazy, right?!
But awesome, right?!!!!

I think so ;-)

The "films" (why they still call them films now that they are digital, is beyond me) still need to be read by the radiologist so they can report their findings to my doc, but hopefully I will be hearing more from her tomorrow about what the situation is or what happens next. 

I started feeling better in the late evening, and I got stuff done....and I am a little afraid to go to sleep tonight, because I am always waking up with the headaches!  They don't "come on slowly", I am waking up with them!   Not that three days in a row constitutes "a pattern" necessarily, but what else can I go by, right?  Maybe I should try sleeping on the couch or the floor or something...??

A couple of you have commented about things I need to reply back to (of door knobs and prickly pillows and such), and I will reply back on those things tomorrow.  Unless I feel like beheading myself again in the morning...then it may be a little longer!


Kimberly said...

Feeling better? I hope so. But I am glad you are getting this business checked out.