Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Oh, I was SO happy today to NOT wake up with a headache! I have a little neck tension left over, but no headache. Yay!!!   I did not hear back from the doctor today about the results of the x-ray, so I will be contacting her tomorrow.

I almost gave myself a headache with something else today, though:
A good chunk of the day around here was trying to solve the mystery of a missing clarinet.

MyFavoriteKid usually has a weekly lesson, but we have slowed down for the summer.  He only has a couple during the school break.  He had one a few weeks ago, and after the lesson, he left the clarinet in my car rather than bringing it back into the house. I asked him at least three times that next week to bring it back in, and he'd forget.  The day before going on the trip to Washington, MyFK and his buddy helped me to clear out the car in preparation for packing, and that was the last time anyone had seen the clarinet.  We looked everywhere today (except for where it was, of course) and we couldn't find it, and this is one of those "bigger than a bread box" sort of things where there are only so many places something like that can hide. I'm still trying to put the house back together after ripping it all apart looking for it!

The whole time we were looking for the clarinet MyFK was trying to pass blame on his buddy for losing it...and I spent the whole time we were looking telling MyFK that he cannot pass the buck like that.  MyFK was saying that he saw his buddy carrying it in the house when he was helping to clean out the car, and he wanted to call his buddy to rant about it.  I was telling MyFK that he couldn't just call up his buddy and blame him for losing his things.  It is his clarinet, he should know where his own stuff is, and if he had just put it back after the last lesson or when I asked him in the first place,  none of this would have happened (yadda yadda yadda).

Well, MyFK went ahead and called his buddy anyhow, despite my protests, and you know what?
The buddy had indeed carried it in and stuck it somewhere we may not have looked for weeks. 

The buddy had put it on the seat of the chair in the den, and then he tucked the chair in under the desk...and this is the desk that rarely gets used when school is not in session...and we also toss a lap blanket over that chair, and the clarinet was buried underneath it.

There is nothing like the flavor of the words you have to eat in front of your teenager. 


Bob & Phyllis said...

actually, I disagree. You do NOT need to eat your words. You are right--your kid cannot blame his friend for "losing" his stuff. It *is* his stuff and he is responsible for it.
That said, calling the friend and asking if he remembered where he put it when he brought it in is not blaming and a perfectly logical step (as long as kid did not rant at his friend about it).
Sorry for the hassle; YAY for finding the instrument.

Jen Anderson said...

Yeah, but there's a big difference between bitching your friend out for losing something and calling them up and saying, "hey man, by any chance do you remember where you put my clarinet?"