Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i have a little secret.

Okay, it's not really a's just that I haven't blogged about this for some reason!  (and I am not sure why)

MyFavoriteKid has been off at summer camp since last Saturday....mwahaha!

I've mostly been taking care of things that I had been putting off during construction and while out of town...but I've also been doing a bunch of things I don't normally get a chance to do...and I have been piddling around! 

In the taking care of business category I did things like repair my crutches (the wings nuts for the hand grips were missing and the supporting rods kept sliding out!), and I also repaired the broken slat on the teak shower stool that I use (it was quite ouchy on the buns there for awhile!).  I got my music together for our upcoming show and have done a little rehearsing. 

In the things I don't normally get to do category, I got to go out to dinner with KarenTheDancingLurker, and then we went to see one of our dance students perform music at a club (it was her first show...she sings and plays guitar).   And tonight I was able to make it to the zen center for the big Wednesday night practice where there is a speaker...and I was the speaker!  They've been bugging me to do it for ages, but it's so hard for me to get there in the middle of the week.  MyFK being out of town was the perfect opportunity, and I put myself on the calendar several weeks ago.

In the relaxing and piddling around category, I started a new lace project....

 ....and I also got one of those Noro Striped Scarves going so that I could keep practicing the speed knitting/lever knitting techniques I learned at the Yarn Harlot class a couple of weekends ago.

I'm several inches into both of these projects by now, but these are the only pics I have.

Tomorrow I have a therapy appointment (the talking kind LOL), and I teach knitting at the senior center, and then in tomorrow night's dance class we're all doing a little show-n-tell thing where we show each other what we're working on for the October show.  I pick up MyFK on Friday, so I am outta here to enjoy the time I have left!  xo


Kimberly said...

You can't tease like that - I have a secret - and then not tell us how your talk went!!!