Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more. melted.

My brain is fried. Or over-fibered.
Full o' fuzzy bits.
Or something.

Today TheMostImportantGuy was exploring out and about, and he saw this:

My view today was this:

Very different views, but both really neato :-)

I purchased that wooden bowl today at the retreat. I kept seeing it out of the corner of my eye the whole day the day before.  This morning when I snapped it up, I justified the purchase to my spinning neighbor sitting next to me, and I told her that I had just remodeled my kitchen and that it would look great on the bamboo kitchen counter holding a sock in progress or something (I did just say I was justifying my purchase, right?? LOL), and she said that she has been reading my blog. Quietly. For a few years.

I kinda couldn't believe she sat there for an evening meet and greet (where we chatted) and a whole day side by side, and an evening schpeel before saying something, but I guess if you can lurk for years, you'd be able to pull it off in person too, yah?!  hahahahahaha

Well, watch this:
HI ERIN!!! (*waves*)
It turns out that Erin is the brains behind the podcast The Anatomy of Knitting.  I'm so glad she outed herself, because I was feeling a bit nervous sitting next to her as she is a much better spinner than I am and I felt like I was all thumbs. I turned bright red once she told me she read the blog, but for some odd reason it helped me not feel so nervous about they quality of my spinning.  And I should probably take a moment to ponder why that is, because it is interesting. But I'm too exhausted to play armchair psychologist on myself tonight LOL.

After the class ended a few of us went and checked out Hansencraft's new production facility they are building, then went to Taylored Fibers for a few to buy some of the really awesome roving that we got to test drive during the class.  TheMIG and I had an awesome meal at a place called The Ajax Cafe that Beth recommended where the menus are taped inside of album covers...

...and the walls are covered with wacky hats and many of the patrons wore them as they dined (although we didn't seem to capture that happening in this photo). 

I am totally exhausted once again, and my brain is full from so much information...but what a great time this was up here for the retreat.  The class was great, the other workshop members were a treat to meet, it was organized well and the accommodations for staying and for the workshop itself were great.  What a fun time.

Now two days of driving to get back home!


The Bon said...

Hey, I know Erin too! She plays Black Sheep Bingo with us at Black Sheep Gathering.

Erin said...

I'm totally a lurker, as I'm super shy in person! :) I'm glad I got to sit next to you at the retreat, as it was awesome to get to know you better! I hope our paths will cross again in the future!! Let me know if you come up for a Black Sheep or something else up here in the NW!

Jean said...

I'd have bought that bowl as well! It was the first thing I noticed in the photo. Good to see everything coming together.