Saturday, July 14, 2012

snaps on saturday

I am having a hard time capturing the purrrrple wall that we added in the dining room for you (I blogged about this before the trip), but here's my best effort:

 what do you think of that reclaimed stiletto heel turned cactus planter, eh?

Today was my first day over at the new house since we've been back, and we spent most of the day cleaning up construction dust.  The crews finished up a week ago Thursday, but that was the night we were packing up to leave on our trip, so this was our first real day sans contractors. Woohoo!

We still need to hang some artwork and there are a few finishing touches that need to happen by our handyman, but now it's his turn to be out of town for a week....but really, the house is coming back together quite nicely.   The bedroom has been patched, repaired, and painted, and it is now a bedroom again. My craftroom has gone back to being a craftroom instead of a bedroom. The studio/meditation room/sunroom/whatever room is back together and ready for use, and the kitchen is lookin'....well, it is lookin' like it is ready to be entertained in!

Want to know the funny thing, though?

We finally have the house together and could totally throw a little party and invite people over to celebrate, but guess what.

The vintage door hardware (possibly circa 1932) on the front door blew out today, and we can now no longer open the front door from the inside.  Hahahahaha.  In other words, you can come to our front door for that party we'd like to throw, but we now can't get the door open to let you in. Hahahahahahaha.

Totally Murphy's Law. I swear it.

But just come around the back ;-)


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Pickyknitter said...

Glad it is all coming together!

=Tamar said...

What gorgeous hardware, though! If you can't get it repaired, at least stick it on the wall somewhere as a hat-hanger.