Friday, August 31, 2012

go wolves go!

A very exciting night! It was the first home football game of the season, and that means it was also the first field performance for the marching band (MyFavoriteKid plays clarinet).

Because this is a relatively new high school and last year was the very first year for the marching band, there were no formal uniforms for their first season.  They wore this. 

Black pants, long sleeved t-shirts printed with their logo, marching shoes, and gloves.

This year, thanks to a grant the music department received, the kids finally have their first real uniforms, and ohhhh I was so excited to see them tonight!


Their piece they are performing this year is a musical arrangement derived from the score of the movie Sweeny Todd.
MyFK is the "clarinet lieutenant" and the performance starts with him performing a clarinet solo. 

At the beginning of the season, the field show is short and less elaborate, but as the weeks go by, it gets longer and longer, and the choreography gets more and more complicated.  The next show is in two weeks, and I can't wait to see what they have added on!  They'll be entering into competitions near the end of fall, and they are now the largest marching band in the district. 

PS..I froze my butt off at the game (not to self: bring more handknits!  it already feels like winter out there!!)


Kerry said...

They look great!

Linda said...

I loved going to games and competitions when my son was in the marching band. There is something so awesome and inspiring to see those kids working so hard, looking sharp and playing their hearts out. The uniforms look very cool. I can't imagine playing an instrument and marching and dancing ...... All at the same time.