Sunday, August 26, 2012

knittas in da hood

I ran into a lot of knitters this weekend!  The first was a lady in the Master Gardner Vegetable Gardening series we've been taking.  She's from my town, and I hope she joins us at the local knit night we got going at the sports bar!

The second group was the table full of lovely ladies...

....that were making and selling all sorts of goodies at the Greek Festival (which was amazingly also within walking distance of the TheNewDiggs!).   Handknit socks, scarves, baby blankets, washrags, all sorts of everything!  Mom in the back was knitting with the straight needle in her armpit, just like that class I took with the Yarn Harlot a month or so back.  So cool!  They were also local, and I let them know about our knitting group, too.  I hope the group expands!