Monday, August 27, 2012

up. date.

Hi, y'all.  August is almost over isn't it.  Yes, I've been thinking about what happens next with the blog.  I have ideas, but my head is too full of dog related stuff today.

Just to clarify (since Kerry asked), yes...the neighbor who shot the dog is one of the neighbors at YeOldHouse.  This did not happen at TheNewDiggs. (phew!! right?!!)  But I am also not moving to TheNewDiggs for at least another 3 friggin' years!  I can't move there until MyFavoriteKid graduates, because if I do, I'd be moving him into a not so great school district (or I'd be lying about my residency, which is totally not my style and will never happen).  So here I live, at YeOldHouse, and TheNewDiggs is where I go on the weekends.
I know. Rough life.

So the update with the dog today is that I got news from the sheriff.  He was finally able to track down the neighbor (who has not been coming home much lately...hmmmmm), and apparently the neighbor pretty much admitted his guilt, and then realized he'd better shut up and get an attorney.  The sheriff has referred the case to the district attorney for animal cruelty, and I am all at once satisfied and completely paranoid and fearful of retribution.  It's a little crazy making. I feel vulnerable here, and I'm not sleeping here so well (which makes me even more grateful for TheNewDiggs, because I slept for 11 hours there Saturday night to make up for the lack of sleep during the week).

So that's where that's at.
And a few more days and hopefully I will have sorted out what blogging differently in August means to what happens in September.



Kerry said...

Ugh. That's all I've got tonight.

not supergirl said...

So glad the sheriff is taking this seriously, but yeah, I get the crazy-making aspect for sure. People need to not hurt our freaking pets!

Kathy said...

I hope that varmint "neighbor" gets punished big time.