Wednesday, August 01, 2012

something different for august

For awhile now, I have been getting comments that have left me scratching my head (and there have been several of worry not, my friend... it ain't just you).  I keep wondering what people are reading or not reading into my posts, and the bottom line is, I just frequently find myself feeling extremely misunderstood. 

This can only be because I am not writing well. 

It seems like I have lost the ability to communicate my thoughts and feelings clearly. Perhaps it might be the mechanics about the way I blog that is preventing me from communicating clearly. I dunno.  But I need to look at that for a bit and see if I can figure it out, because I am finding myself sad and frustrated.  Behind the scenes here during most of July, there have been several times where I have considered that I just stop blogging altogether (or that I do the blogger version of hiding on a deserted bloggy island by starting another secret blog elsewhere).

It's hard to imagine quitting the blog. This blog, because I really do write it for me, is not only my online is my daily practice. It is in fact the only thing that I consistently do every single day, without taking a day off. I am not willing to give my daily habit up entirely, because I believe it is a good practice for me, so....

After much mulling over, I have decided that I am taking August to not write (here...I will be keeping a paper journal, like the good ol' days!), and to do some thinking. But to keep the practice of daily blogging going for myself, I am going do two things for the month:

* post daily photos
* perhaps reply to some of the (easier) comments that are long overdue for responses

I just won't be doing any actual writing until I do some thinking and reassessing.

So here I am with my photos from today ;-)

inspiration and happy things at Van Winden's garden center today

Have a good August :-)


bibliogrrl said...

Well, if you go to a blog desert island, I will FIND YOU. (oh god that sounded creepy sorry). I love reading your posts every day, but I am a terrible horrible comenter.

Have a lovely month. Hope you'll be back. :D

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Enjoy your break! But I really don't find it difficult to understand you at all. Don't change how you write for us - it's your blog, not a writing assignment. :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and would hate to see you stop. I'm a lurker, so don't usually comment, but had noticed a few Cranky Nancies in the comments later and I say to just ignore them.

~Donna~ said...

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then.

But you said it yourself. This is YOUR blog and you write for YOU. If you need the daily therapy, do it.

It is our choice to read it or not.

Keep all that in mind while you go "old school" in August. :)

Kris, in New England said...

Another lurker here who never has trouble understanding what you mean; in fact your writing style is fun to read. Like a regular conversation.

It's your space, do with it as you wish. You can't please everyone all the time. Besides, how will we live w/out house updates? :-)

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! Please I love your blog. Enjoy your month off, but as the other poster stated this is YOUR blog and you write for YOU. Let the "others" not look. You are entertaining, fun and articulate. Don't care what the "others" say. Please come back.