Saturday, September 22, 2012

snaps on saturday

Today was the last of our Master Gardener classes (vegetable series).  We did 8 out of 9 months, starting in January.  I learned a bunch of good stuff, but I think the next thing we need to do is take some classes more along the lines of "urban homesteading".

When we left the gardening class, we noticed that out in the park behind the building there was a 4-H rabbit event happening, so we took a stroll over. That's me and "Neptune" who they sometimes call "Niptune", the girls told me.  They were about to dress him up as a pirate for the costume contest! hahahaha

So maybe if we urban homestead, I can haz bunnehz?


Kerry said...

What a beautiful bunny! If I were Neptune and they dressed me in costumes you can damn well bet they'd be calling me Niptune too. LOL


He looks like a lion head bunny. Didn't it make you happy just to hold him? One cannot be angry whilst holding an adorable bundle of fur.

I miss having one around the house. :(