Friday, November 30, 2012

what i did today

Got the kid off to school. Took the dogs to the doggie play-place for the day. Missed knitting :-(. Slept a lot.  Went to the bathroom a lot. Got sick a lot.  Knit a little bit on a garter stitch project that I am working on (thank god for easy knitting). Picked up dogs and kid and chinese food. Ate a little bit of rice and drank some fizzy water.  Went to the bathroom some more. Felt nauseous. Knit a little more and slept a little more and went to the bathroom a little more. Ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom and thanked god there was extra in the garage. Yelled that nobody around here was helping with household chores.  Yelled at the cat (who is pissed off about kept inside due to rain) because he peed on Riley's dog bed and also on the yoga pants I wore yesterday that I had tossed on the floor near the hamper. Was so riled up from yelling that I did all the chores myself. Went to the bathroom some more.

And that is where things stand for now.
A little crabby.
Maybe more garter stitch will help.