Monday, April 22, 2013

i think perhaps it's just gonna be a perpetual drumline season for a few years

MyFavoriteKid has decided to go for it where drums are concerned. He's asked his band director if he can audition to be a snare drummer in next year's Fall Marching Season (letting go of clarinet for the Marching Band, but instead he'll play clarinet in the Jazz Band and Concert Band).  Come winter he's going to audition for Winter Percussion again, but he's going to make a run for it next year and try out to be the Center Snare.  And MyFK has also now decided to start gearing up for next year's Blue Devils auditions.

He's asked for private drum lessons. MyFk did the research himself in finding a teacher to work with,  and as of last week is now having regular lessons with former Blue Devil Adam C. Clay (who just recently aged out of the Blue Devils).
Adam is quite the inspiration. Check him out.

I did myself the favor of asking that the lessons take place over at TheNewDiggs. Doing so gives the guys more space (although I now realize they are sort of standing it one place! ha!!), but what it really does for me is to build in a little time over at the new house. While they practice, I get to hang out in my craftroom!

So there's been a lot of tap tap tapping going on over here, and I don't think it's going to let up.
For years.
And that's okay!
It is a realllllly realllllly good thing that I like the sound of drums so much!


Mountaingmom said...

Before I retired from education, my favorite mini event was when the drumline drummed the student body out to their buses on homegame days. They lined up right outside my office in the commons and I was always the first one out there to hear and feel their enthusiasm. Could explain my perpetual ear ringing now, but I enjoyed it then.