Sunday, April 21, 2013

i have no pictures!

Had I taken out my camera today, I'd have a little photo album for you!
But I didn't take out my camera today, and therefore I have no pictures of:

~ 7 of us sitting by the pool at TheNewDiggs
~ knitting and chatting and nibbling

I can't show you:

~ Teeny the chihuahua getting loved on by her favorite guests
~ the food we ate
~ the knitting some of us were working on
~ the cocktails we made using Kimberly's fabulous blood orange liquer
~ the bracelets Kimberly was working on for her etsy store
~ the bracelet she gave me! (thank you!! love it!!)
~ the quilt Sandy made for TheMostImportantGuy

Those last two need photos!
I will take them asap.