Saturday, April 20, 2013

snaps on saturday

Crappy fuzzy pic, but it's all I got.

Just when you think band season is over and you are going to get a break, you realize that it is Winter Drumline that is over, and that means the beginning of concert season.

Our school hosted a judged music event today, and I was the announcer for the entirety (1pm to 9:30pm). That's my perch. I'd announce at the little table there with the mic, then roll back to where my knitting was during the performances. Finger is killing me, and so hard to knit without an index finger. I only managed to eek out a few rows. But the music was good.
Well, most of it. LOL

I have several more weekends of this to go. Hope the finger heals faster so I can knit may way through all of it!