Wednesday, June 05, 2013

dear universe (let's try this again)

Dear Universe:

Let's try this again. Shall we??

About a week and a half ago, when I told you that was enough was enough, especially when it came to slashing my bank account an letting it bleed out, I really was not kidding.

I listed three costly things, and I didn't even bother listing all of the other crappy things that were happening that were affecting me negatively but didn't involve money.

It turns out, dear Universe, that you have made this week very costly, as well.  Over $700 in wheelchair repairs yesterday.  Then I required a few extra doctor's appointments this week (including fees for tests) that wasn't exactly in the budget.  But today? The termite inspector that comes every two years for a look-see??  Having him find a few areas of concern, with a quote that repair will cost just over $1k??  Seriously?!?!  WTF


Universe, my budget for summer travel is rapidly dwindling, and I can only assume this is your way of telling me that perhaps I should stay home and knit up all the yarn before I have moth problem to deal with as well. 
Is that it?
Is that what you are trying to tell me??

So if things happen in threes, and I already noted three last week, and now there's three more this week, does this mean I am due for another set of three, just to keep things even...for a total of 9, or something?  Come on, man. Seriously.  Spread it around it a little bit, will ya'?!? (and preferably to someone else, someone with a karma point deficit or something, yah??)


Over and Out~