Sunday, September 15, 2013

here's to long journeys, all the way around

This post appeared earlier today on facebook, and I am sorry for being such a slacker of a blogger by posting the same thing here as well...
but the last two days have been long and hard and there hasn't been much sleep for me, either. 
I'm just out of energy. 

My boobyprize at the airport (gifted to me BY me) for surviving a fairly sucktastic weekend, INCLUDING missing my flight due to a 4hr full freeway closure.

I was in WA with my beloved Grammy when she crossed over yesterday. She was super special to me and loved by an unusually large number of people (huge extended family!)

This has been hard. I love all of you, my family of choice, for posting and emailing and calling and sending vibes and supporting me. I have felt you with me. XXO


Lorena said...

Loving you, from across the land. You're in my thoughts. XOXO

(I know I've already said this, but it can't be said enough.)