Monday, September 23, 2013


Sorry for the delay in getting this post up and running! I wrote it and thought I hit publish, but I guess I actually hit save and sent it to the drafts file. Duh! 

Today was not so great.  It was one of those "everything that can go wrong, will" sort of days, and by early evening I had just resigned myself to that fact and laughed every time one more thing went wrong (mercury retrograde, anyone?!)

The morning started with MyFavoriteKid slamming drawers and getting frustrated because his "dresser: has basically burst open and exploded everywhere.  His clothing storage system is basically a tower of wire basket drawers that are built into his closet.  It normally works fabulously.  But lately he's run into that dilemma where he has more clothes than space.

We took a few minutes this evening and sorted through everything, got rid of the old and tattered, and it was a shock to both of us how much stuff there was that was ancient.  He's a junior in high school and we found a few t-shirts with the middle school logo on them!!

We know how this happened. MyFK and I used to have this plan: we used to purge his clothing twice a  year. Once in June, right after his birthday...and once again near Christmas.  He almost always received new clothes on those holidays, and he was always on a break for school, so there was always time to do it.  Until High School started. Then all the school breaks filled up with band rehearsal stuff, and we stopped the ritual!!

Two big bags are now in my car for Goodwill, and MyFK can actually see what he's got (and no more exploding baskets of clothes).   Sorting was easy. He's not the type to hold onto sentimental clothing.  Except he got stuck with these:

He didn't know what to do about the socks I knit for him years back, which you can see are clearly way too small (he wears a men's 12-1/2 now!!).  He hemmed and hawed about whether to keep them tucked away in the back of the drawer or to donate them or pass them along to one of the families we know with young kids....and he finally asked me to get down his "box of sentimental things" that I've been adding to over the years and put them in there ;-) 


~Donna~ said...

We've found that it is also a good idea to go through the "Sentimental Box" every so often.

Sometimes you forget why you got sentimental.

And if you are keeping it, it's good to see those things again. :)