Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the little train (ok, knitting) that could

I feel pretty ridiculous posting that I have finished knitting something when it's only a silly little seed-stich cotton washcloth, but hey....

it's a bit of a big deal.
Why?  Well:

a) it is an accessory that was knit to commemorate the completion of our new bathroom, and it looks perfect in my new little bath caddy
b) I was only able to knit this because the numbness in the fingers of my right hand has decreased!

It's not gone, but it's decreased.  I believe that all kudos go to my new ScarDoc/Myofascial Release Wizard who has been digging into my scars, and even more importantly I believe, digging into some restrictions in my neck. This week my fingers felt like they were "waking up" after having been asleep like Rumplestilskin.  There has been some tingling and itching, but it's all feeling like a really good sign to me.

I'm still in the process of getting the MRI decoded (I do have a copy of the comments from the department that performed it, and I only have that copy in my hot little hands because I forced the issue).  My primary Kaiser doc is putz...she still hasn't called me to discuss the MRI with me, but instead, with no discussion whatsoever, I have been scheduled for another appointment with yet a another specialist. This time it's a neurologist...but again, my doctor, who ordered the referral hasn't told me why.

I just made arrangements this morning to switch to a new primary care physician at Kaiser. I've had it with this one.

But back to the happy!!! Back to the happy!!! Kaiser aside....YAY for alternative treatments!  I have another appointment with the ScarDoc today (outside of regular insurance...kachink$!$! *sigh*), and if she builds on what was done last week, I have high hopes for improvement.

Washcloth completed, I am now finishing a lingering sock project, and I am planning on casting on for something new this evening! :-)



Linda said...

What is the ScarDoc's professional label? Sounds like a valid service to humanity, what you describe her performing in your neck tissue.