Wednesday, October 09, 2013

my knitterly dilemma

Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to.

I have a whoooole lotta yarn in my stash.  I have a pattern I want to knit.  And I don't enough yardage of the right type of yarn in a color that works for the project.  How is it possible that if I want to knit this thing, that I need to buy more yarn?!



Linda said...

Stripes or different edgings not an option?

Anonymous said...

And THAT'S how we get these humoungus stashes!

I bought A for this, but there's not enough yardage, so I'll make B -- but wait, that's the wrong weight. Oh, C is on sale ... but when I get it home, I hate the color.

So A, B, and C go into the stash and while I'm re-arranging, I find Pattern X and think "I bet I have the yarn to make this" and the whole cycle starts over again!

--Lynda in Oregon

Lorena said...


What was I thinking when I only bought 620 yards of Yarn A? I can't make a top for myself with that, I need at least 1200 yards. I have 1000 yards of B and could match it with 200 yards of C, but then I'd look like that idiot who didn't have enough of either to make a full project. I can't get more of A, B, or C in the right dye lot. And it turns out A isn't even the right gauge. It is the right gauge for this other pattern, but I need another 600 yards. Whut, whut?! Meanwhile, as just said above, I find another completely different pattern that I want to make instead, since now I'm mad at the first pattern. But what do I have in my stash that would go well with it.....?