Thursday, October 10, 2013

way back a million years ago...

...when I started this blog, part of my plan was to keep track of all the stupid things people say to me (a person with a visible disability).

I kid you not, it is daily. It's way too predictable. Seriously. There is not one single day that goes by that someone doesn't say something to me about missing a leg, and usually what they say is stupid. (sorry, but it's true. and to all you stupid people out there, I do forgive you LOL) 

But. For all the stupid shit that has been said to me.... every once in awhile, someone says something that makes me smile.

Today I went grocery shopping after teaching knitting at the senior center. I parked my car at the supermarket.  Before I even put my car in park I spotted the guy out of the corner of my eye.  An older guy. I'd even very affectionately call him TheOldCoot type of guy.  He was standing in an awkward spot right outside the door smoking a cigarette (it turns out he was waiting for someone he was with to come out).  I got out of the cab by using my crutches and I crutched to the rear of my car so I could unload my wheelchair out of my hatchback (I have a Honda CRV).  I could feel him watching me, and I could feel him trying to decide whether or not to offer help.  I could see the outline of him stepping in closer to assist, and I could see him stopping himself when he was seeing I wasn't going to need any help.  I got my wheelchair out, opened it up, sat in it, pulled down the hatchback door. Rolled back up to the cab of my car to get my purse and shopping list, and I thought for sure I was going to just get into the store without him saying a word, but then he opened his mouth and sounds starting coming out and I thought to myself "Oh, we go. Here comes the stupid."

"You look live you've done that a thousand times."

"Man, I wish it was only a thousand times! But it's been way more than that."

" aint lettin' any moss grow between yer toes there now, is ya'."

I don't know why exactly.
But I loved that. Totally.

And nope. No moss here ;-)