Monday, January 27, 2014


I love wearing little clippy doo-dads in my hair, and thought I'd take a crack at copying one the faves in my collection (which is not pictured, sorry, because now it's late and I'm in bed and I forgot to photograph it!)

But here's a couple of shots of my experimenting making my own handcrafted hair doo-dads, taken earlier in the evening.....when I could not stop making these things!

Tomorrow I'm going to try putting these three much smaller ones onto some sort of fascinator type thing-y (only I like my fascinators a little less fascinating, so I'm not quite sure what to call that yet).

Totally addicting to make. 
I see more of these in my future.
If I can't stop making them, I might just have to sell 'em.
Or wear them all at once.




~Donna~ said...

I am currently experimenting with this sort of thing as well. I got a very loooong clip that will have a few glued on and then it will go up the side of the french twist I'm still trying to perfect for the wedding. :)

Can't go wrong with hot glue, ribbon and beads!