Tuesday, January 07, 2014

as if i needed a new hobby

One of the things TheNiece and I did together while she was in town was to take an "Intro to Sewing" class at A Verb For Keeping Warm.

I have used a sewing machine before, but it's been a good 12 to 15 years since I last touched one, and it was just for some very simple hemming.  My very first sewing machine came to me on my 13th birthday, and I recall making patterns and sewing clothes for a baby doll....but by the time my late 20's had rolled around, and I had lost that adventurous spirit and could barely sew a straight line.

TheNiece hadn't used a machine before at all, but she is indeed very crafty, and there is a cousin that she visits regularly who sews, and she has been looking on with much curiosity.

We sewed little drawstring bags, and I learned quite a bit about things I never knew (having been selft taught).  Little things like, ohhhh....grain lines, and tips and tricks to keep the machine running smoothly.

Well, I've been bitten by the sewing bug.

I pulled out the machine that I had in deep storage in the garage, fiddle with its creaky parts and got it up and running.  I'm going to do a few more of the project bags, some like what we made in a class, and few other types I am finding tutorials for online.  And next up after that, some linen napkins.  Then (*gulp*) I'm going to try making a few skirts.

I might look like I'm wearing napkins. LOLOL
But we'll see.
I'll keep you posted.


~Donna~ said...

For when you get back into the swing of the machine and want to learn more skills, here's some cute zippered bags I found today:


I've been collecting some cute fabric and I think I've finally found the right thing to make!

The Bon said...

How did you like that machine? I think that's the model I'm leaning towards to replace my tiny janome, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

=Tamar said...

Congratulations! Sewing can be both fun and useful. Just watch out for stash mania.

Janome is a good brand, and it's good to have a backup. I'd say keep the tiny Janome even after you get the new machine. Just oil it once year or so while it's in storage, and it should be fine.