Monday, January 06, 2014


More backtracking... the retelling of the visit with the niece!

So. Sushi and holiday lights was Sunday, and the next day, the Monday, I stuck to my regular routine of leading practice at the zen center and then visiting James at the convalescent hospital.

While I was off doing that, TheNiece and TheMostImportantGuy (who was on vacation) ran a bunch of errands, including going to the pet store to fill up stockings for the dogs (Riley, Teeny, and one for her to take home to her dog Desi-Bongo).  They also went to the cemetery to leave flowers for family.

Later that night, MyFavoriteKid joined us and we went to the Oakland Zoo to see "Zoo Lights". It was quite as fabulous as I remember it being the last time I went (I think MyFK was what....5?? LOL), but it was indeed very festive, and we got a kick out of riding the train in the dark through the zoo.

My favorite part???


I loooove Santa.
More proof of my love of Santa here (circa 2008).