Wednesday, January 15, 2014

in the weeds

Oh, man...I have been runnin' all day.

MyFavoriteKid had a 3 week winter break, just returning this past Monday.  January marks the beginning of the three month insanity known as Winter Drumline, and so the rehearsals begin.

For some (dumb. sorry.) reason, the band director has decided that the kids should rehearse Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...both before school and after school.  7am to 7:15pm, is what MyFK had to endure today.  He got up at 6am to eat a decent breakfast, shower, etc....was out the door by 6:45, and didn't get home until 7:30pm.  He helped out with a couple of chores, ate dinner and fell asleep by 8:30pm. He didn't even do his homework.  He set an alarm to wake up earlier tomorrow to do it before school.


Meanwhile, I had a pretty similar day.  I used Yelp to check in and out of every place I drove to and stopped at, all the errands I ran, and people I saw or worked with....and at one point the app told me I had checked into too many places and had to stop. 

La di da.

I still haven't taken care of a four emails I am horribly behind on, and I have dishes to wash still, and a few other chores, including taking a solid 7 minutes for myself so I can feel a bit human.

I do not remember ever being this busy as a kid.  And of course I have no friggin'  idea what my parents actually did all day, but if they were run as ragged as I am....well, sorry mom and dad for not being more appreciative. 

It's 9:30. More chores to do before sleep. Thought I was going to "sleep in" until 7am tomorrow, but now am getting up earlier with MyFavoriteKid to help create a supportive space for him to do homework before school.

I'll say it again.


Kathy said...

My kid leaves the house at 6:10 am for school. School starts at 7:30 and he takes public transit to get there. Sometimes I think he sleeps on the bus. He generally gets home at 3 or 3:30 but Tuesdays is fencing and he gets home at 6:30. It's a long day.

=Tamar said...

Band directors are archetypal bullies, but that's ridiculous. Kids need their sleep. Unless he's seriously planning a career in band music, I'd say drop the band, and tell both the band director and the school why.