Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a little knitting

Well, I sure have not been knitting much.  I think I got in a knitting funk after working on too many projects that were various shades of cream and brown.  I started on rainbow striped knee-high socks to counteract that, and that has been going splendidly, but then I got sidetracked (in the best sort of way) by sewing.

Well, I belong to a knitting/stitching group that meets up on Tuesday nights, and we had agreed to a post-holiday secret-buddy cowl knit along.  I selected Joyce's name out of the hat, and she had requested purple, orange, or any fun multi-color. 

Here's the end result:

I think she likes it!!

Sorry. I just had to try it on.
You know. Quality control ;-)
In the same way a good cook would always check the seasoning before feeding anyone. Heh.

I think I might need to make one for myself, too!  Squishy and cozy and wooly and wonderful! 

Details on my ravelry page.


Kerry said...

I just finished one of these myself! I knit it as a Christmas gift for my daughters teacher. I finally washed and blocked and gifted it to her yesterday. She loved it! And so did I. Was thinking I may have to knit one for me too. ;-)