Monday, January 13, 2014

my new favorite thing

I have a new favorite thing to eat. It's something I had at Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar a few weeks back, and I immediately set about to replicate it at home. 
It's Avocado Toast with Marash Pepper.
I could eat this every friggin' day.
And sometimes I do ;-)

A fat slice of Acme pain au levain, toasted....then covered with a hearty layer of avocado smashed with a fork. Top that with a sprinkle is sea salt (not pictured...but I've been using a pink salt from Hawaii lately), a drizzle of a fruity olive oil, and a generous dash of my new favorite ingredient: marash pepper (it has a mild, but very fruity, fragrant chile flavor).

Ohhh how I love thee!!

Before you say it, I'll say it for you:  No! It's not low-fat!!
But it is indeed HEALTHY fat!!
My hair and skin look fabulous. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Seriously, though. I pair this with a plate full of undressed salad greens, and it is ridiculously delicious and satisfying :-)

There is another toast they do at that restaurant that I have made at home, too.  Same bread toasted, spread with Bellwether ricotta cheese, sliced fruit, and a drizzle of local honey.  Here's a shot of a batch I made for breakfast on Thanksgiving Day while I was busy banging out the big holiday dinner.

Persimmons! Yummmm!