Sunday, January 12, 2014


Seriously vegging out on TV tonight.  It started out with a little Golden Globes, and the during the commercials (and a few stupid acceptance speeches I couldn't tolerate listening to), I switch to Bull Riding. 

Yes. Bull Riding. I watch it all the time.
And I root for the bulls.
What can I tell ya'.

Then an hour into the awards, I switched over to Downton Abbey, and you wont find any spoilers here, but I have to say:  I did not see that coming.
~ sigh ~

When Downton was over, it was back to the Golden Globes for the last hour, and by the time I had switched back, it seemed like most everyone there was drunk (or am I just trippin'..?).

A little bit of knitting during all of it, and a few thwacks on the drum (practice makes something, but it's as far from perfect at this point as perfect can get).