Thursday, February 27, 2014


It's just about midnight and I am just getting home from teaching dance class. Grammy's funeral was today, and I am eating ice cream with a grapefruit spoon because every other piece of silverware I own is in the dishwasher on the rinse cycle.

Apparently that's how I roll.

In my head I just burst out singing, "The sun will come out...toooooMORow..." but that's not true, because we're about to be hit by a rain storm. What a way to end my shit storm of a week.

I have high hopes for forgetting all of it, at least for a moment, tomorrow morning while hanging with the Friday Knitters. They never disappoint :-)


Yvonne said...

sorry to hear about your Grammy. And the grapefruit spoon? been there, done that. it's okay. :)