Friday, February 28, 2014


So. My tummy has not been right at all since last week's vomitfest (sorry if you are reading this over your morning coffee and muesli or whatever). 

I haven't been "ill" since then, nor have I even felt nauseous.  I've just felt sort would you say it? Acid-y? Like I have a sour stomach?  Not exactly heartburn, but just....well, just UGH.  I've been eating, but I can't say I'm really hungry or interested in food, either. 

I sent an email off to my doc, and we'll see what she says.  Much better idea that getting on the internet and giving myself every possible disease and disorder, for sure.  I'm beginning to wonder about that gallbladder possibility, though.

I really do hope it's no big deal. 
I've had enough big deals this week. 
Sheesh, enough big deals IN THIS LIFE, to be honest.
Shouldn't I get a hall pass or something??