Friday, February 21, 2014

not exactly as planned, but not so danged bad

No barfing today! Yay!

Also no trip to Stitches West, and I'm sorry NoBlogRachel for never answering your question about whether I was going or not, but this is how it went:  I really had not planned to go. Well, okay. Back up. I mean, I was "supposed" to go, because for the last few years I have been going every Friday. See, the Friday knitting group goes on Fridays instead of the regular.  People car pool down, and most of the group stays overnight. There's a dinner and a whole lotta cocktails involved.  For me, I haven't had the luxury of staying overnight.  I trek down for the day, and my friend Sandy has always joined me. We go down for the day, meet up with the ladies of Friday knitting throughout the day here and there, and then meet everyone in the lobby for drinks and nibbles. Then Sandy and I drive home while the over-nighters head out to dinner.

So that was the plan this year, too.  Except about a week or so ago, Sandy and I checked in with each other, and neither one of us was real jazzed about a) making the pilgrimage, and b) spending more money on materials we do not have time to consume (it does seem rather silly at times, all this "stash" business).

Well, on Tuesday night, Kimberly of Craftini and Brooke of Sincere Sheep both gave a pep talk (one by text, one in person) and Sandy and I decided, wtf...we will go.

And then yesterday happened. And then I wasn't too bad. No more hurling, but even a cup of tea, some mild soup and little bit of rice, and I thought I had achieved greatness, and still my tummy was hurting like someone had kicked me in the gut. 

Sandy and I did meet up together. We had that cup of tea together at Starbucks, and we popped into the fabric store next door together, ate that soup and rice together, and then went to Michael's together. So in a way, we still shopped for more crafty shit. LOL 

It was a beautiful day out today here. Just lovely. Nice to spend it with a friend, even for a couple of hours, and even though it wasn't the big day we thought we would have. 

Oh well.  Next year??


Unknown said...

Oh man, I hope you're feeling better! I had those symptoms from a stomach bug going around 2 weeks ago and it was horrible.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

No worries - I read your post from yesterday and knew that you shouldn't make the trip - maybe next year! XO

The Bon said...

Maybe next year I'll make it down again for a visit/stitches if you're up for it.