Friday, October 27, 2006

stream of conciousness style

I have more days like yesterday+today during November and NaBloPoMo, all you're going to get is a photo.

Wednesday night went late because of Stitch-N-Bitch, and I really need to get the photos up because it was fun, and I got to meet Donna in person, and because the wig is pretty damn silly.

Thursday. *siiiigh*
Thursday: did the morning mommy-drill, volunteered at the school for an hour, volunteered at the convalescent hospital for two hours, went across town to the Social Security Administration to pick up some document needed for the lawsuit, went to the main public library, then back to the convelescent hospital to loan out some books, stopped at a thrift store to "kill" 15 minutes before picking up kids (note to self: next time sit and nap or knit socks--duh), picked up MyFK and friend, brought them home, fed them a snack, went right back out again to taxi them to over to art class, back home to clean the house and chat with CatharticInk for a bit, started dealing with pain problems in my stump, put on stage make-up and got costume stuff together for dance class, went and had a really late night at class because we "circle danced" for Samhain/All Hallows Eve (a few days early yes, but our is class in on a Thursday, whatchagonnado), talked with friends/dancers way too late and got home around midnight, couldn't sleep...tossed and turned allll night long being awoken by extremely sharp pains in my stump (happens every once in awhile for no apparent reason, and pain meds didn't keep it down).

Totally friggin' exhausted and still have a very thick layer of makeup on. Haven't had coffee yet. Typing this in the middle of morning mommy duty drill. Have to help out in MyFK's classroom from the moment the bell rings up until 11am. Go buy cake for the cake walk for Saturday's Fall Festival (there is no way I'm turning on an oven--putting my head in it is far too tempting), put finishing details on MyFK's halloween costume, clean house, back to the school to pick up MyFK plus his super rowdie friend and host a playdate. Make dinner (something cold, no oven again LOL). MyFK gets picked up at 730pm to go with his dad for the weekend. If the pain stops, maybe go right to bed. If not, well...let's not go there.

This weekend.
TheMIG is headed up north to do sound engineering at a festival that is supposed to have some bellydancing, and while he's up there he's going to visit his family. I'm considerring tagging along to see that dancing, but also to check out a few wheelchairs advertised up there (big retirement community in the area). But TheMIG is the sounds guy, and he will be the first one in and the last one out, and that makes for a very long night and I'm already exhausted (and still in pain)...then staying at his sister's overnight, and I've never stayed with his family before...kinda awkward. Also, if I go, we need to take my car, because his isn't big enough to haul all of his equipment, plus me, plus the possible new wheelchair. Which mean unloading my car of many items and putting them...where-I-don't-know.

That's me. I'm not even going to reread it or edit it.
I'm going to brew coffee.
And maybe read this in a day or two. And hopefully laugh at myself.


John said...

I hope that having a cup of coffee helped.qpew

~Donna~ said...

Damn, you're last few days are sounding just as crazy as mine, only my craziness is confined to my office. My Wed night post will have to wait until this weekend. It was great meeting you and the others, I had fun too!

Sara said...

Blogger hates me. I've been trying to comment since yesterday. Now I can't remember what I was going to say, except this:

I signed up for NaBloPoMo, too, possibly as an alternative to sticking my own head in the oven, maybe just to prove once and for all that it's time for me to be institutionalized.

Whee! Let the madness begin!

M-H said...

Take care of yourself, Bonnie. I'd like to see you get that chair. You know that one will come along for you. It's just when it will happen that's the problem!