Monday, November 27, 2006

death of squirtle


Mr.BunnyMan & Zip

(My pups don't even dare sniff them for fear of my wrath)

Hmmm, perphaps something here...

The wall o'stuffies at ThriftTown

(toys that have been loved so long they have worn spots shall never be used as snacks; instead we purge through for the cast-off junkie stuffies from state fairs and such)

Squirtle it is.

Fuzz Flying.
Happy Doggy.
Messy Yard.


Sara said...

So cute!

So, after the "stuffies" have been disemboweled, do you surgically repair them so they can be sent back out to fight some more?

~Donna~ said...

Not Squirtle! NOOOOO!

He was my favorite Pokemon...

Gray said...

Very cute.

LLA said...

Oh No! I'm going to have to hide this page from MyBoySchecky - he's a Pokemon maniac, and Squirtle is one of the favorites around here!