Wednesday, November 14, 2007

thanks overdue

Almost done with the rewind into Sep/Oct...and my apologies to those who can't stand it when bloggers do the backtrack but, well, sorry. My blog. No likey??? No clicky, no scrolley.

I want to say thanks to people who sent me some stuff.

This first goes wayyy back. I ordered a set of K-N-I-T stitch markers from Mouse's etsy shop, Mousie Masala.

At the time the package arrived, I wasn't knitting things that require markers, so I tucked the package away. Then there was the Age Of No Knitting, where I put the needles down entirely (*gasp*) in order to pack up for moving day.

I recently cast on for a shrug and needed a couple markers, and it was like getting a gift a second time when I found the package in my knitting bag. Mouse had thrown in a few extras, plus a pair of earrings and a fimo button, which is going on another Calorimetry that I am about to cast on for (it is getting cold here!!). But I absolutely adore the high-top tennis shoe. I am a collector of Chuck Taylors in odd patterns and colors.

Thank You, Mouse!!

More recently (but not by much) I ordered a T-shirt from Jodi Green's etsy shop.

I love the shirt. Hell, I love everything she has ever sent me. I have a piece of art of hers that is undergoing a framing project of epic proportions. It's almost done. It requires some special hanging doodads, but I bought them, and TheMostImportantGuy and I will hopefully get it mounted this next week so I can show it to you. I think I'll need to shoot a pic of me wearing the shirt in front of the art. It all sort of works together.

Anyhow, Jodi also very kindly sent MyFavoriteKid some dvd's of their favorite thing in common, Naruto. And she also added into the package this little book for me.

I just adore it. I think she had take some old prints and cut them and bound them. I flip through it all the time. It sends me to a special place because it's kind like holding a little kids board book. The pages have sort of a "feel" to them, which I also love, as they are layered with printing materials that give them texture. I also like that every time I look at it, I see something new.

Thank You, Jodi!!!

Inky sent me the coolest Housewarming/Halloween basket:

The Lindt chocolate was promptly inhaled, the earing promptly worn (made by Mrs.Inky herself---hey Inky, do you sell stuff? Is there a link I can add?) There were spooky sprinkles for baking, and a pasta blend that included black bat noodles.

My favorite thing in the basket was this little dude.

I just think he is so funny, and he made me smile all through October every time I saw him. I just packed him up with the Halloween decorations this week when I put them away, but I might need to go back and fish him out. I miss him.

And last, but not least, let us not forget the missing leg lollipop:

What a crack up. I almost died when I saw it. Apparently you can build a whole skeleton if you "collect them all". Inky even got me the anatomically correct (ie: missing) leg.

Thank You, Inky!!!!

I met up with Gayle of All Things Home for a cup of tea and chit chat, and she gave me some really great books.

They are compilations of essays by Laurie Colwin, who was a contributor to Gourmet magazine. I love all things food and kitchen, and these books have been a great read.
Thank You, Gayle!

Last, but not least, I got one great housewarming gift from the (blogless) occasional commenter, KarenTheDancingLurker (by the way, Karen, if you comment, you are no longer lurking *ducks*).

I set of Fred Astaire movies!!! She and I are both big fans, and we even went out together over the summer to see a couple of his movies played on the big screen. I have a few of his movies on videotape, but have never had them on dvd. I am so excited, and I can guarantee you that this will make my winter of sipping yummy libations by the fire just perfect.

The also included some words with her card. I love what it says, and it is on my fridge.

Thank You, Karen!!!

I think that wraps up the rewind.
With NaBloPoMo, one never knows.


InkyW said...

Glad you enjoyed all the goodies ;)

I used to sell jewelry, but not any more due to lack of time and space. But I am glad you liked them!

jodi said...

Giving things to people who you know will love and cherish them is always a joy. I hope, though, that you'll write or draw in the book, not just look at it; the collaboration of your hand and mine in the pages is what will make it a truly special thing. It's one of the same books I use for my sketches, so I'm leading by example for you in not being afraid to mess up the pages with marker scribblings and shopping lists ;)