Monday, June 16, 2008

it's not that often that i love watching the local news....

...but tonight's 10pm edition has just been the best. It makes me even want to stay up to watch the 11pm show, too!

As of 5:01pm today here in California, there have been a whole mess of same sex marriages. Yay!!

(having already been married and unmarried once...for me, personally, I now I live in the camp with the people who say "screw marriage--it's only a piece of paper--and I don't need a paper to prove the bond of my relationship"....but hey, if I wanted that paper?? and I wasn't allowed to have it??!! I'd be pretty damn outraged! And I am outraged for those who do want it and haven't been allowed the right to have it).

Awwww...I love these two. This was the only ceremony held in San Francisco tonight. These lovely ladies have been together for 55 years.

I think 41 marriages were held inside Oakland's City Hall today, and look at this:

....only ONE lonely protester.
Now that's saying something.

And my favorite sign being waved in front of the San Francisco Court House tonight:

That would be a proposal to the (straight, last I heard) Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome.



Shrinky Inky said...

I saw that couple of 55 years on the news last night - it warms my heart to hear of any two humans together for so many years.

Now all my friends, both gay and straight, can enjoy being married (and divorced, hahaha)

Carrie said...

Very cool! Good blog entry.

TheAmpuT said...

inky ~ exactly. hahahaha

carrie ~ thanks! I can't believe I can get decent pics of a tv screen, either. I'd like to think it's the camera, but it's probably the High Def ;-)

EkC said...

Aw, I heard about the couple of 55 years getting married. Too cute. And you're right...even if you don't want to get married, you should at least have the *option* to. :)

Lorena said...

Me = sap, because I totally teared up at the couple together for 55 years.

Andy Baker said...

Very nice piece. It's always nice to have some genuinely supportive people on our side. My blog entry today is announcing our wedding plans. In The Netherlands, where marriage between two people of the same gender has been legal since 2001.

TheAmpuT said...

ekc ~ indeed :-)

lorena ~ I like you, you sap monster ;-)

andy baker ~ HOORAY!!! congrats!