Friday, September 05, 2008

i'd like to say, "i have no idea where this is going," but i know exactly where this is going

TheMostImportantGuy lives in a converted warehouse in an artsy/lofty part of town. His door opens out into a communal parking lot that is a haven for stray cats. TheMIG and another neighbor lady leave food and water out for the cats, and TheMIG has even trapped a couple and brought them into the vet to be fixed.

Today he emails me that this showed up in the parking lot yesterday:

The poor wee baby kitten is homeless. He keeps throwing himself at one of the stray female adult cats, like he's looking for a new mommy....and she rejects him, no matter how cute he makes himself look.

Well, I'm sure you can see where this is going, right?

That's him in my bathroom. He didn't spend the whole the time hiding behind things, though. He let me hold him and pet him, and he purred the whole time like he was relieved to finally get some lovin'. The drag was that while I was petting him, I watched my hand turning black from all the filth. He was dirty from head to toe, and the inside of his ears were totally black. He even had gum or some sort of something stuck in his fur. I "bathed" him with these special pet handy-wipe sort of thingies, poor thing....and he loved every minute of it. Purred the whole time.

I have no idea where this is going.

My goal so far is just to get him cleaned up and to the vet to be checked out, and then will take it from there.

(shut up, Mom....I can hear you all the way from over here LOL)


JohnK said...

Well done.
this from a person who is known to bring home random strays, feline and canine, injured birds, and even toads. But the SO has put his foot down and we now only have a single (brain damaged, really, from abuse) dog.

You gained a cat as DrMel lost one.
I'm always amazed at the world.

jodi said...

Hah hah. Suckerrrrrrr.

(takes one to know one, naturally).

Mouse said...

Might as well start deciding what to name the little guy now... you know its only a matter of time. I'm a total sucker for stray cats too.. so I know where this is going.

Me said...

Hello, gorgoeous kitty. Have one myself of same color. I know where all this is going. He/she will have a home soon and you will be the happiest person, trust me, I forsee all. Have a great day.
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Have a fantastic day. :)

Anonymous said...

Coming to the party late, but could've told you exactly where it was going from the get-go. because I recently got a pitiful one, too.