Thursday, September 04, 2008

there's just no way

There's just no way I am going to get an actual post with content in under the wire today.

My day? Got up at 5:45am and did the mommy-duty thing to get MyFavoriteKid off to school. Errands. Lots of them. Then the meeting with the RinpocheGuy (super cool, and I will elaborate. Straight from there to the Middle School to volunteer my help to the music teacher who needs to sort out the band uniforms. All 240 of them. Left in a messy state from last year. MyFK home, then homework, the to the Vivarium because the gecko was out of worms. Drop Kid off with TheEx. Scarf up a quick Indian Wrap and head off to dance class. Have a meeting after dance class about the development of our new website. Leave late. Get stuck in traffic on the way home due to 3 of the 4 lanes being closed for construction. Get home (at 11:45pm) and have to haul in 124 of the 240 tuxedo shirts from the band class. That I get to launder. Yay me. Then haul in the cumberbunts and bowties that are missing their labels so they can be inventoried (hint: many). Oh yes, and then I am supposed to BLOG. **bwaaaahahahaha**

So. I am beat. And I am going to bed, so that I may get up at OhDarkThirty tomorrow morning and do it all over again. I aint even proofing this or hittin' spell check. G'night.