Wednesday, September 03, 2008

now i will reallllllly be behind!

So while I am still not writing the overdue 2nd half of the blogpost about my visit with the monk back in June....

I was out seeing another lecture by him again. He somehow ended up back in town, and apparently is doing a little U.S. tour, including speaking at some Power to the Peaceful Festival happening in San Francisco.

MyFavoriteKid came to the lecture again, and so did TheMostImportantGuy this time.

But the big bonus?? I am scheduled to have a half an hour with him one on one tomorrow ;-)
How cool is that!

I know what I want to talk with him about. Tonight he spoke about how people see a flame and stick their arm in it, get burned, and then suffer. And they stuck their own danged arm in the fire. I have written about a different version of that here before. About how I can possess the knowledge that something is good for me (not just because people tell me it is good for me, but because I have experienced it as being good for me), and yet I do not do what I know to be good for me.

My question is: WHY???! Why do we do that, and furthermore....HOW DO WE STOP???! (from the buddhist perspective)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you share what he tells you. How fortunate to be able to have your own time with him!

And, again, thanks for writing your blog. I love reading it.