Tuesday, September 02, 2008

off kilter

I was already out of whack.

Two weeks of MyFavoriteKid being back in school, and my body still has not figured out the new wake up schedule yet.

Then just when I get close to figuring that out, here comes the long weekend, to throw me off again. Of course "long weekend" also means that I now have a "shorter" week, and watch as as I attempt to squeeze five days worth of tasks into four. Oh, and let's throw in a few extra tasks in this week for good measure, while we're at it, and just make the whole week unachievable.

So then comes today. MyFK caught a cold over the weekend, and here we are at Tuesday, and he still isn't well enough to go to school today. So now that makes five days worth of tasks squeezed in to three days.

And then tonight was the glorious Back To School Night.

Ahhhhh what fun. You know, it ran from 6pm to 8:20pm, and let me tell you, Middle School Back To School Night is wayyyyy different from the Elementary School version. My first time, ya know. It was a mad dash from class to class, and meeting all 7 teachers. (I am happy to report that the campus is 100% wheelchair accessible, even a working elevator---hoorah!!!)

Man, times have changed, though. It was not like this when I was a kid at all. Our parents did not email the teacher or check their website for missed assignments (yes, I know that dates me).

Good thing I have high speed and wireless or I'd be screwed.